Search Orders

Keeping track of orders is simple with this software. There are a multitude of ways to search orders that include : searching by number, origination, payed and unpaid, and cancelled orders. Any order shipped or awaiting shipment can be easily located within the system.  Editing orders is another option that is necessary and also available for your business order needs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify different ways to sort  orders
  • Learn how to filter to only see orders in a certain status
  • Understand how to edit an order
  • Search Orders General Information Video* Click Here

Sort Orders by: Number/Name/Pay Status/Shipping Staus/Order Status/Order Date Origination

  • Filter orders by order status: All/Paid/Not Shipped/Partially Paid/Paid/Unpaid/Pending/Cancelled/AutoShip: Click Here

Editing Orders


How to delete existing orders*: Click Here