Pre-Paid Cards

MarketPowerPRO software is enabled with multiple payment methods, as well as different avenues of accepting alternative payments. You can issue "Pre-Paid Card Codes" that are assigned a dollar value, product / SKU value and expiration date which you can then give to users, customers or distributors to redeem during the checkout process. Pre-Paid Cards give the option for creating codes and assigning them to products, skus, or dollar amount to allow for the payment.  Using prepaid cards give your site an edge while creating interest and excitement!

  • Learning Objecives
  • Create a Pre-Paid Card
  • Understand dates and days of setting up codes
  • Examine what the next step is to assigning codes to skus, products, or dollar amounts

Pre-Paid Cards*: Click Here

 Good To Know: There is no "carry forward" on any un-used balance of the Pre-Paid Card Code. Meaning, if the face value of the Pre-Paid Card Code is $50 and it's used on a $35 purchase there is no carry forward or balance of "$15" remaining on the Pre-Paid Card Code.