Enrollment Options

Today's distributor will judge your company, products, opportunity and website in a matter of seconds. With MarketPowerPRO you control every facet of your Enrollment Options.

Enrollment into your business opportunity should be simple, clear and concise. Those enrolling must be able to select their enrollment option, required or optional purchases, and AutoShip choices without confusion. One of the most unique things about MarketPowerPRO's distributor enrollment form is the latitude that it gives you to set its exact parameters.

Good To Know: Be sure and set up the products, kits, and sku's that will be part of the enrollment first, and then proceed to setting up the enrollment. To view how to set these up:  hover over Admin Menu> Products> Product Management> Products.

Where do I start?  The training videos below show the many different options that can be customized to fit your company's enrollment  requirements.  The first video is of a basic enrollment set up from beginning to end.

Enrollment Options*: Click Here

Enrollment Product Set Up:

  • example of mandatory product set up*: Click Here
  • example of optional product set up*: Click Here
  • example of mandatory product autoship set up*: Click Here
  • example of optional product autoship set up*: Click Here
  • Bypass Enrollment Option Link*: Click Here




  • Single Page Enrollment Title


  • Mandatory Purchase Image:

Examples of enrollment set ups:

Applying an autoship price to a one time purchase enrollment product*: Click Here